Gray 10 Coin Collector

Published: November 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words! There really isn’t a lot to talk about the workings of the number 10 nor is there for most of the early Gray coin collectors. It is a beautiful and functional work of art! The collector which is in the shape of an independent shield is made of cast iron and painted red, white (more of a silver) and blue. This month we are looking at the number 10 which is mounted to a bracket that is attached to the back of a wall phone. Next month we will look at a 10a which mounts to the front of a telephone. The operation is similar to that of the number 8a we looked at last month but with three slots for nickel, dime and quarter. As with all Gray machines gravity does the work.

The sounds of the coins dropped in the 5 cent, 10 cent or 25 cent slots resonates through the housing, the backboard and through the backboard of the phone into the transmitter arm and to the transmitter for the operator to hear.

The 2 main style differences I have seen are on earlier models the coin drawer is the lower part of the collector and on later ones the drawer fits into the lower part. The one pictured is the later type!