Gray 23D Coin Collector

Published: September 2011

This month we have one of the most popular Gray coin collectors up for scrutiny. It is the type #23D. The 23D is a complete coin collector with all the desk stand parts included. All it needs is to be connected to a subset and it is ready to go. The unit contains the receiver, transmitter, hook switch and contacts as well as the coin chute. The chute delivers the dropped coins to the bell for nickels and dimes and the gong for quarters then deposits them in the coin drawer. The coin operation was monitored by the operator, she would hear the coin signal sounds as they were picked up by the talk transmitter. The entire housing is cast iron, the lower vault lock is unique to each unit, the upper housing “crab lock” uses a key that is common to all. The vault is oversized, if you look at the profile pictures you will see that the lower assembly protrudes out beyond the upper housing. There is a similar model that is totally the same except the vault is flush with the upper housing, that model is a 23C, I am in the market for one of them. The 23D was made to be mounted on a wall or to the inside of a booth. When the unit needed servicing the repairman would have unlocked the crab lock and lowered the upper section down for access to the contacts and the coin chute. No wires would have had to be disconnected, there is a set of contacts for the transmitter that make when the upper housing is locked back in place.