Gray 14 Coin Collector

Published: March 2011

This month we are looking at a Gray number 14 paystation. The number 14 is a portable model with a carry handle at the top. This setup would have been used in a restaurant, bar or other location where a portable phone would have been needed. The paystation is set up to be physically attached to an upright telephone. The mechanical connection between the collector and the phone carries the sounds of coins being dropped into the collector hitting the bell or gong to the telephone transmitter so that the operator can hear it. This is a totally manual system. If you look at the picture of the rear with the back cover removed you can see a cast iron plate with many holes in it. The purpose of it is to isolate the coin vault area from a serviceman who may be doing a repair with the back cover off. The back cover has a lock operated by a common key. As in the other collectors the vault lock has a unique key. The collector accepts nickels, dimes and quarters that would be deposited by the user at the request of the operator. There is no mechanism for returning coins once they are dropped.

Please help, I am looking for some other payphones as well as parts for the collection and to write about. Models such as the Gray 102, Western Electric 160 series and a Western Electric 235. If you have one of these or something unusual please contact me.