Gray 23B Coin Collector

Published: August 2011

The Gray 23B is similar to the 23 that I wrote about back in June. The main difference is that the vault is larger. If you compare the side profile pictures between the 2 you will see what I am talking about. The width and height of the box and the front of the drawer at the same but the drawer is much deeper on the 23B. This was done for one reason, to hold more coins. The 23B mounted on the front of a wall phone by replacing the transmitter arm using the same mounting holes in the phone, remember the 23 had the back with the "grid" of many holes? This is the same. No damage was done to the telephone. The wires for the transmitter would now go through the coin collector to the transmitter mounted on the front of it. This now completes the phone. With the transmitter mounted to the front of the box the operator could hear the coins drop into the box and complete the calls. Wanted, 23C coin collector. It is like a 23D but has the shallower coin drawer!